Welcome to Telemed where medicine is made easy.

Imagine waking up to an ear ache or sore throat. Worse your child does! Normally you would have to get dressed and drag yourselves to either a doctors office or Immediate Care facility. For a fraction of the cost of medical insurance you are able to call up, yes in the middle of the night, and receive care from a qualified medical professional. Not only do you receive care, from a medical professional, you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home. Additionally you will be saving the cost of your regular medical copays and/or deductibles. With Telemed there are NO copays, NO deductibles and NO hidden fees. Only a single, low monthly rate can provide you with professional medical care, of YOUR choosing, in YOUR own time. 

Generally we all have busy lives when we don't feel well or are just too busy to spend hours at the doctors office, but still need some kind of immediate care. Telemed can make all the difference in how your day is spent. Click on the Telemed button and start saving time and money today.